My hand drawn art illustrating 4 lines from "A Stranger" by A Perfect Circle. "Shy away, shy away phantom Run away, terrified child Won't you move away you fucking tornado I'm better off without you Tearing my will down"

I've never liked the thought of people being buried in the ground when they pass, so I created my own version. Drawn to go with the end of the song by the Foo Fighters "I am a River". Motion by: HaloStudio LA (After Effects) +Disclaimer: Music is copyrighted to it's respective owner.

A motion short of a section of the cover of "Don't you forget about me" by the beautiful LeeLou. Nouvelle Vague - group *Hand Drawn Art *After Effects Motion Motion by: Studio Halo, Los Angeles +Disclaimer: Photo and music are copyrighted to their respective owners. No infringement intended.